Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) in Northern Ireland (NI)

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is required in accordance with Policy FLD 1 of PPS 15 for development in an area at risk of flooding. The FRA must consider the flood risk from all sources of flooding where the proposed development is located or in proximity to the fluvial (river) or coastal flood plain. It should then identify measures that can be adopted to control and mitigate the flooding to the development or elsewhere as a result of the development.

We will provide you with a lump sum quotation to undertake the FRA, with no nasty add-ons. Our FRAs can also include a Drainage Assessment for a small additional fee, whereas many of our competitors add this on as a significant additional charge. Our FRA will be tailored to your project and will be proportionate to the scale and nature of the proposed development and the risks involved.

We will prepare a specification for a topographical survey if necessary, assess the site for fluvial, pluvial and historic flooding and undertake mathematical modelling of the relevant watercourses if required to optimise the area of the site that can be developed. We have produced countless FRAs over the years and our expertise combined with software that most of our competitors do not have will ensure that we will maximise the area of the site that can be developed.

We are one of only a few consultancies that have managed to have Rivers Agency revise their detailed Flood Hazard Extent Map and Flood Hazard Depth Maps (available online as The Flood Maps (NI)) and we are the first consultancy to provide compensatory storage measures acceptable to Rivers Agency for sites that are both partially and fully within the detailed 100 year flood plain, allowing full development to proceed. Where necessary, our fee will also include a preliminary design of the storm drainage system in accordance with the SuDS Manual and specifically suited to your site and we will also submit a Schedule 6 application to Rivers Agency to acquire permission to discharge surface water from the site or prepare a PDE application for you to submit to NI Water.

Finally, we are one of only a few consultancies in Northern Ireland with the expertise necessary to successfully conduct Coastal Flood Risk Assessments, thus ensuring that you do not need to be over conservative in your design of road and finished floor levels within the development.