Drainage Assessments (DA) in Northern Ireland (NI)

Drainage Assessment (DA)

A Drainage Assessment (DA) is required by PPS 15 if the proposed development comprises 10 or more dwelling units, exceeds one hectare or involves a change of use exceeding 1000 square metres.  You may also be asked to provide a DA if pluvial flooding is predicted at your site or where run-off from the development may adversely impact upon other development.

What we will do

Free Lump Sum Quotation

We will provide you with a free lump sum quotation to undertake the DA and will not add any additional costs at a later stage. We will meet your deadline and we will revise the DA report for free if required by DfI Rivers. Our DAs are tailored to the project, minimising necessary mitigation measures and optimising the area of the site that can be developed.

Review of Site

We will assess the site for fluvial, pluvial and historic flooding, produce a DA report in compliance with PPS 15 and seek agreement with DfI Rivers, holding meetings with DfI Rivers and Planners as necessary.

Preliminary Design

In order to avoid your development increasing the risk of flooding elsewhere, you may be required to throttle the rate of surface water discharge from the site. While some other consultants are simply stating that you need to achieve a particular discharge rate in their reports, our fee includes a preliminary design of the storm drainage system in accordance with the SuDS Manual and is optimised specifically to your site.

Schedule 6 Application

As part of our lump sum fee, we will also submit a Schedule 6 application to DfI Rivers to acquire permission to discharge surface water from the site or prepare a PDE application for submission to NI Water. Finally, we will guide you if you need to redirect or culvert any watercourses that are present within your site. Our comprehensive approach has ensured that we have never had one of our DAs rejected by DfI Rivers.

We would love to hear from you if you have a query regarding a project you are working on or require a free quotation.